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The Artist

Creating What My Ancestors Want to See

She was meant to be unique from the beginning. With no one else with the name as Jaazaniah, she was determine to become someone who was different from the rest. Jaazaniah was born in St. Louis, Missouri where most of her family lived. With her parents deciding to move, she grew up mostly in the in city of Atlanta, learning the history of racial injustice in the south, and becoming spiritually incline with herself so she can comfort her audience with the imagery of black beauty. 

As visual artist, Jaazaniah focus on painting pieces that represents the spirituality of the black beauty, as most of her work consist of black women, and alienated designs to give character to her work. Utilizing acrylic paint, she applies a slight element of realism to give her stories meaning and applying mix media of gold leaf to her paintings for design. 

Her motto is "Art Is Universal", meaning that art is different in many ways. When you look at black beauty, you don't see the same thing everyday. Skins tones, hair texture, curves and creases are all uniquely beautiful in its own divine way. As her art reminds you of what our ancestors bless us with is the power of black beauty. 

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