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Common Questions & Answers

Here are some common questions and answers that may help you to understand the services that JUniCreations offers! Please feel free to contact artist for any other questions you may have!

Do I received a Tracking number when I place my order? 

Yes, every customer will received a tracking number as soon as the order is process. Tracking number are given to allow customer to track their orders when they are shipped out. 

How long does it take for orders to be shipped out?

Orders will typically take about 3-5 Business days to shipped out. 

Do you offer International shipping?


No, only domestic shipping is offered at the moment. 

Are refunds accepted due to delays in shipping? 

No, refunds will not be accepted due to any delays in shipping. After orders have been shipped, orders are no longer in controlled by the provider. You must keep in track with your order with using the tracking number that is given. 

If my order is lost during shipping, may I received another order? 

Orders maybe replace if customer order was certainly lost in the mail. Provider does have copy of the tracking number at all times, to make sure that orders are still in route. 

Are you taking custom orders (commissions)?

I will be taking commissions in the Summer of 2021. When in time, customers will be able to requested for commissions through the site. 

Do you do big commission pieces?

Yes! I enjoy working on big projects. I will be taking big project commissions in the Summer of 2021. 

Is work Copyrighted?

Yes, all my works are copyrighted and signed by the artist. Each print that has been purchased, will be signed by the artist. Please ask artist permission first, if you want to use my work for presentational purposes only!

Can I get bigger size prints for any of your works that is listed on your site?

Yes! If you like a bigger size in prints or either canvas prints, please contact me through email.Then I will give you further information, and process that order soon as possible! 

For more questions please contact artist through email!

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